When you run your air conditioner, for long hours and many months, it can cause some problem to your unit. The main problem that most people experience is that there is no cooling in their air conditioner. Your first instinct as soon as your air conditioner breaks down is to call the technician. If your air conditioner stops cooling, before you call the servicing technician, it is better you do some checking of the carrier. Some small problems can be rectified by you itself, instead of calling the service man. Always keep in mind, before you check on the air conditioner, make sure that that the power to the unit is switched off!!!!

Now let's see some of the problems that happen to an air conditioner:

  1. If your air conditioner stops working, immediately check if the power is gone, whether the stabiliser is gone, or whether the voltage is too high or less.

  2. If your remote control is not working properly, it can be because you keep changing the modes frequently. If the problem persists, change the battery.

  3. If the cooling efficiency is not good, you have to check if the temperature is set properly, whether the filters are dirty, if the speed of the indoor fan is mistakenly set slowly and also see if the windows and doors are closed properly. Rooms are not cooled if a window or door is left open.

  4. If foul odor is blown out by the air conditioner, such odors are absorbed from the walls and carpets in the room.

  5. If your air conditioner is making cracking sound, it is the friction sound of the front panel when it contracts and expands. This happens due to the changes in the temperature.

  6. If there is a click or push sound from inside the unit, the click sound is when the compressor is switching on/off and push sound is of the refrigerant.

  7. When the outdoor unit leaks, it is either because condensation is formed on the pipe connector, because of cooling.

  8. If you hear the sound of running water, it is just that the refrigerant is expanding inside the air conditioner.

  9. So if you understand these small problems, there is no necessity to unnecessarily call in the air conditioner servicing technicians.

Checking your air conditioning equipment:

Now that you have understood some of the problems you normally face in an air conditioner, you can do some checking by yourself, before you pick up the phone to call us.

  1. Check if your thermostat is set in "cool" position. It should be set below room temperature.

  2. Check if your outdoor condensing unit is working. There is a circuit breaker box, mounted on the wall outside. Just see if it is "on"position. Also check if the disconnect switch is in "on" position.

  3. When you set the thermostat in "cool" position, furnace should run. Check to see if it is running, or just make sure if the switch of the furnace is "on".

  4. If your blower and condenser are running, but if there is no cooling, then you will see two copper wires out of the condenser. Just touch the larger one. If it is warm, your compressor is down, and if it is very cold, your filter is blocked. Shut the system down for some time.

  5. You should clean your filter every month. If the filter is blocked there won´t be proper air flow and it can shut down your air conditioner. So make sure that your filter is not blocked.

  6. Check to see that the air grills are not blocked by some furniture.

The problem is still not solved after these solutions, then don´t wait, call us.